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The Cloud Secrets Show

Oct 31, 2019

Hey, what's up everybody?

Welcome back to the Cloud Secrets Podcast, this is Marcel Martens, and today I'm going to share one of the first conversations or phone calls I had with somebody who agreed to help me with the mail merge. First, we're going to go to the theme song, and then we're gonna continue about our first step of the sales call.

Within maybe 10 minutes or 15 minutes, one of the other sponsors, if you don't know what I'm talking about, please listen to episode 22 one back there I'll explain something about my mail merge and how I get 60% or more response rate on my mail merge campaigns.

This potential customer called me or he just sent an email back. "Sure, no problem, just call on this number on my cell." That's what I did, I didn't send them any invites to schedule an appointment in my, in my calendar, but just straight call with my template. On that template I've got several questions I ask, and we first start with on the small chit-chat about the network club we're part of together, or the sponsoring your doing together, or whatever the common denominator that you two have, and just talk about it.

If he, if he gets business out of it, or how long he's a member, or whenever. Just find something to talk about for a few minutes to start the conversation, and then ask what he's doing, he or she of course, and if he got any goals in mind, or particular goals that he wants to reach, and then you're going to go over to, well, that's a nice bridge to why I reached out to you, I've created this Always Save in Business suite and would like to ask you some questions about it because my mission is to get every single business, safely online, or safe in business. I'm sorry, my mission is to get every business safe. Whatever they produce, whatever they create on data is theirs and theirs alone, until they decide to share it. I made it my personal mission to get every company safe in business hence the name of the suite, "Always Safe in Business." That's a product or a suite that I developed and we put it in the market for $40 a month.

I'm got old primary question and that is, do you ever have any concerns regarding the number of ransomware or cybersecurity attacks that are in the news, or in the news daily? And then just wait for an answer and let them think a few seconds because they need to understand the question, when they understand the question you get a yes or no. Most people will tell you yes and then you already, you can directly change the call into a sales call, and just ask more questions. Okay, why do you concern or and what is your current situation? Let them talk a bit more and make notes of almost everything, or new, or at least key points of pain points, frustrations, things they are missing at the moment, because those three elements are, if you answer them in an offer, you've got the sale. 99% I guarantee that for you, you may need some practicing of that, but for sure you get the sale.

After you know a bit more about the current situation and the, the desires and the needs they can ask, okay, it sounds you're interested in solving your problem, how about I come to you, to come to your office, we take a cup of coffee, and I can show you how we could solve your problem? I'm going to send you another email if you agree? And I'll share you a link with my calendar and we can make an appointment, for one hour, or a meeting, or whatever you want to call it. If you just click the link, you can select a time place or time and date of your choosing, and if you want to invite any other people as well, make sure you do, then we'll see each other soon.

At that time I was talking to that prospect, I said, "well, it sounds rather interesting is exactly what we need, we've got, it's a media company, they create lots of videos, like the "come work with us" videos are pretty hot right now here. Otherwise, so introduction videos or company videos about what companies, companies does." He said, okay, so we've got all these separate virtual assistants or assistants and probably they are most of the time they are solo entrepreneur's and they, well, they shoot the video, they edit the video, and then they send back the end result. This business owner of the media company, he wants to have all the source files as well. So, he was looking for a practical way how we could store and grant access to, well this, storage location to who all these individuals can work together. If a contractor, number one, as created the video editor to his partner uploaded it, to the project that a contract number two can continue to do his job, and then contract number three, and so on and so forth.

So all people can access that same contract folder or project folder. Then can upload and work from anywhere and work on any workstation of their choosing and still, while for the media company to have the insurance that all data is protected, safely managed by, I don't care, two factor authentication if they want to. So you be sure that only authorized people can access those files, while I was telling you about the solution and he said, "okay, you're only putting it in the market for like 40 bucks a month, what's your earning model? How do you, how do you make money out of it?" I said,"I don't need you to worry about that.

It just that they are in desperate need for this next step in their business. So, that's what I've got to do, I'm going to take them next level so they can grow even further and even faster work at any time, at any place, with any device of their choosing. I'm looking forward to this meeting. I did send them an invite because other people that are involved as well, so I would hope, I'd love to hear back from them today so we can show them how it works and close that sale.

That is it for today, if you want to know more of these steps, I've put together a course, which I call The Cloud Secrets course. I allow only 20 people at a time at any time, so I can personally commit to your success for that we use application forms or you can apply for the course and we go over your application, and if we think we are a fit, I'm going to call you and we're going to ask you some more questions. If it stills, still is a fit, if I feel like we could work together, then I want to invite you to the course, and we can start as soon as possible. So if you're interested, go to Again, that's and there can opt in for the course.

Okay, thank you very much and I see you next time. Bye, bye.